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Ti4Ray titanium heliostat mirrors

Ti4Ray heliostat mirrors for concentrated solar power (CSP) are either 3D-printed or hydroformed panels or foil of extremely high quality and durability. Panels can be formed in complex geometrical shapes and foil can be applied onto any desired underlay. 

The surface is processed at nanoscale levels for mirror-like reflection and treated with TiSurf® to provide a very hard, wear-resistant flexible ceramic surface layer. The combination of technologies allows for both high flexibility as well as repeatability. 

New opportunities with TiSurf®, foil, 3D-print and hydroforming:

  • Wear-resistant surface

  • Withstands harsh environments and can operate under higher wind loads

  • Decreases overall weight and increases mechanical stability

  • Temperature stable material

  • Time & cost efficient production

  • No size or geometrical limits

  • Reduced maintenance costs and longer life span


TiSurf® tested and approved in extreme conditions

TiSurf® is a "flexible ceramic" titanium material — a ceramic/metal hybrid. A ceramic surface of titanium nitride makes titanium parts 10 times harder and more wear resistant, with the added qualities of extremely low friction and exceptional corrosion resistance. TiSurf® has been successfully applied in several prestigious and demanding applications in the aerospace, offshore and racing industries. To date, TiSurf® has been involved in seven different NASA/ESA missions including Rosetta and Cassini, piston rods for Statoil's oil platforms in the North Sea, racing projects in F1, Nascar and MX, and medical applications such as heart valves and catheters for hemodialysis. 

Read more at www.tisurf.se.

3D Printing

Additive manufacturing offers an extremely quick and cost effective way to change design in a product. There is no need to create a new flow in manufacturing, therefore no new manu-facturing stations or processes are required. Instead, a design change created using CAD data is sent electronically, directly to the machine. The machine remains the same, whatever the design.

Additive manufacturing offers excellent solu-tions to cope with complex structures that pose challenges in conventional manufacturing, such as porous constructions or ones with built-in channels. 

Additive manufacturing uses a technology where material is added and not subtracted, additive manufacturing is a prime vehicle to reduce material consumption. Using additive manu-facturing is a step in the right direction towards being green. We use EBM technology from Arcam

Read more at our partner AIM Sweden AB.


Hydroforming is a cost-effective way of shap-ing ductile metals into lightweight, structurally stiff and strong pieces. One of the largest applications of hydroforming is in the premium automotive and aerospace industries, which make use of the complex shapes made possible by hydroforming to produce stronger, lighter, and more rigid unibody structures for vehicles. 

Hydroforming allows complex shapes with concavities to be formed, which would be difficult or impossible with standard solid die stamping. Hydroformed parts can often be made with a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio and at a lower per unit cost than traditional stamped or stamped and welded parts.

Read more at our partner Hydroforming Design Light AB.

Ti4Ray and NewSoTech Group

NewSoTech Group introduces a new technology for concentrated solar power (CSP) heliostat mirrors. Ti4Ray is a combination of the patented technology TiSurf®, 3D printing, and hydroforming that creates new and exciting opportunities in solar tracking. The new technology enables highly repeatable, efficient, and flexible production of mirror-like titanium reflectors for solar rays, “rayflectors”.

Ti4Ray is a spin-off from the patented NewSoTech technology, TiSurf®, a flexible metal/ceramic hybrid material. TiSurf® has been tested and approved in many extreme conditions, perhaps most notably being chosen for use in NASA/ESA probes, as it provides superior scratch and solid particle impact resistance*. 

NewSoTech Group’s other credentials include supplying surface-treated engine, transmission, and other specialty components to racing (e.g., F1, rally, motorcycle and Tour de France) and to deep-sea oil platforms. 

NewSoTech Group is a network of companies and professionals experienced in nanotechnology, materials, surface treatments, tribology, engineering, additive manufacturing, bioplastics, medical applications, and highly specialized new production capabilities. It is this unique interaction and cross-fertilization between innovators, technologies, and organizations that creates new opportunities and challenges traditional thinking.

NewSoTech group has ongoing research and development teams to consistently provide the most efficient solutions in surface treatments and material technology, friction reduction, and corrosion elimination - all environmentally friendly and cost-effective. In addition, the company has patents and protected know-how in tribologic alloy and alloy specific component manufacturing.

Along with strong global partners in relevant industries, NewSoTech Group has technology that is market-ready and capable of producing proof-of-concept parts. NewSoTech is open to partnership, joint venture, and partial ownership alliances.


* ”Improved Langmuir probe surface coatings for the Cassini satellite” by M. K. Wahlström and E. Johansson et al

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