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NewSoTech is a materials innovator working with industry leaders with transformational agendas. One goal is to deploy materials and best practice processing into large scale industrial solutions. The other goal is to provide customers with competitive leadership with significantly improved efficiency and effectiveness. 

NewSoTech, Inc. is the initiator of the broader NewSoTech Group, a network team of companies and professionals experienced in nanotechnology, surface treatments, tribology, engineering, additive manufacturing, bioplastics, medical applications and highly specialized new production capabilities. It is in this interaction and cross-fertilization between innovators, technologies, and organizations in which the individual innovation or technology is largely disruptive, that new combinations create new opportunities.

NewSoTech Group’s credentials include supplying components to NASA for the Rosetta and Cassini missions; delivering engine, transmission, and other specialty components to racing (e.g., F1, rally, motorcycle and Tour de France); providing heavy equipment, rotating and extreme environment parts to OEM and end users (e.g. applications for pumps, turbines/power generation, large scale engines, deep sea oil and gas extraction, pulp and paper manufacturing, compressors and electro-mechanical systems). Components include maintenance-free bearings, sleeves, bushings, rotors, pistons, gear boxes, vanes, blades, seals, housings, shocks, cutting and welding tools, as well as other mechanical solutions.

NewSoTech Group has ongoing research and development teams to consistently provide the most efficient solutions in surface treatments and material technology, friction reduction and corrosion elimination in combination with environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology. The company has patents and protected know-how in component manufacturing processes of tribologic alloys and materials, as well as in specific alloy compositions.

NewSoTech Group has commercialization projects that are ready for market or to produce proof-of-concept along with strong global partners in relevant industries. Commercialization will take place in NewSoTech’s subsidiaries with partners. NewSoTech is open to partnership, joint venture, co-owned companies and partial ownership.

NewSoTech areas of expertise:

  • Titanium nitride 

  • Ceramics 

  • High speed steel and stainless steel 

  • Polymers. Grafhene 

  • Hot Isostatic Pressing 

  • Surface treatment for high shape accuracy and surface definition 

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